‘Great introductions’ (Matthew 11:1-15)

As part of Christian Union Sunday in April 2017, Steve Blyth from CU preached from Matthew 11:1-15. In this passage, John the Baptist introduces Jesus to the world but is a confused messenger. He asks to check if Jesus is the one we’ve been waiting for and what he has come to do. Jesus reassures him from the Old Testament prophecies concerning himself and commends John’s message as he prepared the way. Yet we now have a greater perspective than even John as we live on the other side of the cross and Jesus’ resurrection. We have the privilege of introducing Jesus to others as we share the hope that we have in him.


00:00 Welcome
Song: Praise to the Lord
00:19 Introduction
00:37 Prayer
03:33 Bible reading: Matthew 3:1-17
Song: Grace Unmeasured
06:16 Shorter Catechism Introduction
07:44 Catechism Questions 53-57
10:38 Bible reading: Matthew 11:1-15
Song: Never Alone
Sermon: Matthew 11:1-15
Song: Tell Me the Old, Old Story
12:36 Closing


A Confused Messenger (1-6)

  • Are you the one?
  • John had different expectations
  • The great danger of confusion

A Commended Message (7-11)

  • None greater than John
  • John introduced Jesus to the world
  • We are greater than John!

A Clarified Mission (11-12)

  • The great privilege of evangelism
  • Expect great progress and great hostility
  • Please pray…