‘Smyrna: In need of continued perseverance’ (Revelation 2:8-11)

When Jesus sent His message to the church at Smyrna through John in Revelation 2:8-11, and called them to perservere in their time of suffering for the gospel, He did not forget that they had already suffered much in the way of persecution. However, He did urge them to ‘keep on, keeping on’ in the midst of their trials. Perhaps the believers in Smyrna might have hoped that He would end their trials. Not this time. He called them to endure, but also gave them many promises that would help them do as He bid.


00:00 Welcome
Song: Marvellous Grace
00:19 Introduction
00:41 Prayer
05:03 Bible reading: James 1:1-12
Song: O Great God
06:50 Shorter Catechism Introduction
08:17 Catechism Questions 18-22
Song: The Bible Is the Answer
10:49 Bible reading: Revelation 2:8-11
Song: My Hope Rests Firm
Sermon: Revelation 2:8-11
Song: Stand Up for Jesus
11:38 Closing


• The second of the 7 churches
• Snapshots of life in Smyrna
• A suffering church, needing encouragement.…
• See in these verses .…

  1. How Jesus described Himself (v.8)
  2. How Jesus commended them (v.9)
  3. How Jesus commanded them (v.10-11)

Was this the message they wanted?
Suffering for Christ? Press on!