‘Understanding Elisha’s miracle at the pleasant, yet deathly place’ (2 Kings 2:19-22)

There’s no doubt that there are many, many lovely places to live. Whether it’s in the miountains or by a river or near to the ocean, there are some beautiful places to be. But while all may look good on the outside of these places, not all is always well within. While at Jericho in 2 Kings 2:19-22, the prophet Elisha was told that it was a pleasant place to live, but there was a problem with the water supply. The problem was that it caused death. Elisha’s miracle cure for Jericho was simple and it points us to something worth noting. Man’s greatest problem is not outside on him, but on the inside. Sin (which also causes death) lives within and the gospel of Jesus (like Elisha’s bowl of salt) is the only cure.

Full service

00:00 Welcome
Song: All Creatures Of Our God
00:15 Introduction
00:34 Prayer
04:17 Bible reading: Isaiah 1:1-20
Song: See Him Coming
07:16 Kids’ Talk
Song: By Faith
10:36 Bible reading: Mark 7:1-23
Song: Before The Throne
13:21 Sermon: 1 Kings 2:19-22
Song: Marvellous Grace
37:16 Closing