‘The day the stressed king prayed to the King’ (Psalm 86:1-17)

It’s not unusual these days for anyone to struggle with stress. We all have to manage it in some form. In his role as King over all Israel, David knew stress too, and this Psalm 86:1-17, we find him dealing with it through prayer to the One who could help him. In fact in the Psalm we find these elements present – sometimes David speaks to himself about God. Sometimes David speaks to God about God and sometimes David speaks to God about himself. All three are present in the psalm and all three are valid forms of prayer, and helpful with dealing with the many stresses of life.

Full service

00:00 Welcome
Song: And Can It Be
00:18 Introduction
00:38 Prayer
Song: 10,000 Reasons
03:37 Bible reading: Psalm 86
Song: Behold Our God
06:02 Kids’ Talk
09:37 Bible reading: Matthew 14:22-33
Song: Jerusalem
10:57 Sermon: Psalm 86
Song: What A Friend
34:47 Closing