‘God’s saints in tight spots’ #5: Moses (Exodus 4:18-5:21)

There aren’t many men in the Bible of more importance than Moses. Selected by God to be the redeemer of His people, Moses faced a huge challenge for all of his days – none more so that at the outset of his ministry when God sent him to Pharaoh with the demand to ‘let My people go’. It didn’t go down so well with Pharaoh, nor with the rest of the people of Israel. Exodus 4:18-5:21 fills in the details and reminds us of the fact that God is in all our circumstances – even when we’re having a ‘bad day’.

Full service

00:00 Introduction
Song: Beautiful Saviour (All My Days)
00:45 Prayer
06:14 Children’s talk (see also Big Picture Bible Crafts #15)
Song: Remember the Lord
10:51 Bible reading: Exodus 3:7-12
Song: There is a Redeemer
16:03 Bible reading: Exodus 4:18-5:23
Song: How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
22:38 Sermon: Exodus 4:18-5:21
Song: By Faith
46:28 Closing