‘Lessons from the day of the Temple’s dedication’ (Ezra 6:16-18)

After the work on the Temple of Israel had been completed under the good and sovereign hand of God, Ezra 6:16-18 tells how the people set about to dedicate their new place of worship. Although it was a great day of celebration and thanksgiving and was marked by great joy, the day was little comparison to the dedication of the first Temple that happened centuries before during Solomon’s rule. Nevertheless, the celebration was marked by the offering of many sacrifices and worship ‘according to the Law of Moses’. The way they worship and they way we worship is also defined in detail by our God. The New Testament picks up these them of the Temple and reminds believers that we are the temple in which God lives by His Spirit. And God’s Spirit lives in us because Jesus paid the price of our purchase with His blood. We are not our own but have been bought at great cost. Our worship, and all of our lives are therefore to be a reflection of this truth.