‘Opposition grows toward the people of God’ (Ezra 4:1-6)

After laying the foundations of the new Temple, Ezra 4:1-6 tells us that the people who lived in Jerusalem began to oppose what they were seeing. Although they presented themselves as friendly and fellow worshippers of Israel’s God and offered their help to rebuild the temple, the leaders of the Jews quickly saw through this approach and denied their offer. As a result, opposition towards the rebuilding of the Temple began to grow and soon this grew against the Jews themselves. This story is nothing new. God’s people who have sought to do what they must do in obedience to God, have always faced opposition from those who do not value God’s Word. The prophets, the apostles and the Lord Jesus all faced this opposition and so will all His people who seek to follow His ways. That very facts calls His people to be on guard and to perservere in being faithful regardless of the consequences.