‘The King who spoke with a sting in His tale’ (Matthew 21:33-46)

When Jesus told the ‘Parable of the Tenants’, He really cut close to the bone. The Pharisees had just asked Him about the origins of His authority and He had just returned fire a parable to show that any repentance that they had claimed on their behalf was false. So He put the whole matter fairly and squarely before them in Matthew 21:33-46. In the parable, it is clear that Jesus wanted the Pharisees to not only see their hypocrisy but also their murderous intent, as was seen in the tenants of the parable who put the landowner’s son to death so that they might claim the inheritance. Sadly, Jesus’ words fell upon deaf ears. Everything that the parable told about the landowner’s son would and did happen to Him. Yet while Jesus told this parable that the Pharisees might see themselves, He also told it that we might see ourselves and in seeing, that we might know that salvation must come from God alone.