‘The King who confirmed His right to rule’ (Matthew 21:23-27)

In Matthew 21:23-27 we find the religious leaders challenging Jesus about His claims. No doubt the cleansing of the temple did not escape their notice and must have caused them some angst. So they asked Jesus, ‘Who gave Him authority to act and to speak as He did?’ In response, Jesus returned serve by asking them ‘Who gave John the Baptist authority to speak and act as he did – was it from man or God?’ Trapped in a web of their own making, all the Pharisees could say was ‘We don’t know’, fearing a revolt from the people if they said ‘man’ or having egg on their face if they said ‘God’. The authority of Jesus is a major question we all have to face up to. A non-response (like the Pharisees) is a poor response. There remains only one way to respond to the authority of Jesus and that is to bow before Him as Lord and King.