‘The King who spoke to the fig tree’ (Matthew 21:18-22)

After Jesus made a clear declaration of who He was on Palm Sunday, then righted the wrongs of the Temple, Matthew 21: 18-22 records this curious incident of the fig tree which he cursed. Going up to the tree which was covered in green leaves, Jesus expected to find figs, but there were none. As a result Jesus cursed the tree and it withered and died. The disciples were amazed at what took place, so Jesus reminded them that faith filled prayer can move mountains. The cursing of the tree has puzzled many, but it stands in the Bible as a picture of what was true of Israel at that time. All leaves, but no fruit, just hypocritical religion. This ‘fruit-less-ness’ is linked of course to ‘faith-less-ness’. Where there is no faith, there will be no fruit! The challenge for us is to be people who are full of faith and fruit and empty of hypocrisy (the ‘greeen leaves’ of religion).