‘Some news about why the resurrection news is the best news’ (Matthew 28:6)

In Matthew 28:6, we find the words of the angel, ‘He is not here, He is risen’. In this world filled with news, the news of the resurrection of Jesus must be the best news of all. Why is that? For a start it is the best news because it is true. The confirming accounts of the four gospel writers, the evidence of the empty tomb and the dramatic change in the life of the disciples. all point to the certainty of what took place. It is also the best news because it most welcome. The disciples were cowring in fear after Jesus’ death, but news of His resurrection filled their lives with joy and hope. Then also it is the best news, because it proves God’s promises are true. These include those He has made about the offer of salvation to all who believe in Jesus, His Son, and also about the eternal destiny of those who believe in Him. His resurrection will be the basis for their resurrection! Believers have an eternal hope because of the resurrection of Jesus.