‘The significance of Christianity’ (Colossians 1:1-14)

Both Christians and non-Christians alike seem to drastically underestimate the significance of the Christian faith in our world today. In Colossians 1:1-14, Paul seeks to rectify such false conclusions by showing us not only the eternal significance of God’s saving purposes through His Son Jesus, but also how such salvation significantly transforms Christians in the here and now, setting them apart to fulfil God’s purposes in God’s world.

‘Promised gifts’ (John 14:15-31)

Steve Blyth spoke from John 14 about Jesus’ love of others – even hours before his own death. With the crucifixion in view, Jesus promised to send his Spirit to prepare them to live well in the world. A selfless bucket-list, but if he could give them anything, why not world peace or an end to poverty? All these things require a change of heart that only the Spirit of truth can bring. As we receive the truth, it brings assurance of peace, a joy in all circumstances and faith in a God who is in control.

‘In the face of death’ (John 11:1-44)

In John 11, when his friend Lazarus falls ill, it seems strange that Jesus does not go to heal him immediately. Jesus is confident in his father and knows the glory will go to him. For us, we see that in the face of death, though God might feel distant (1-16), Jesus draws near to us (17-37) and conquers death (38-44). So even as we face death now, we can grieve with hope in Christ.