‘A lofty appeal’ (Matthew 6:9b)

Rev Philip Burns continues the series of sermons on ‘The Disciple’s Prayer’ by highlighting the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:9b, ‘Hallowed be Your name’. By these words Jesus taught that as we pray we must always remember to whom we are praying and that God’s name is great and worthy of praise and we need to remember that we have no right to come before Him apart from His grace. However if we pray this way, we will lay ourselves open to the charge of hypocrisy if we do not live in a way that honours God’s name. This comes first in Jesus’ prayer because it is a matter of the heart and reminds us that God’s concerns ought to come way ahead of our own.

‘An audacious claim’ (Matthew 6:9a)

Rev Philip Burns continues this series of sermons on ‘The Disciple’s Prayer’ by highlighting the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:9a, ‘Our Father in heaven’. By these words Jesus taught that praying to God this way is only possible by God’s grace. It is not by our efforts or works that anyone belongs to God’s family, but only by this free gift. These words also imply that no-one comes to God alone and that there are others who because of the same grace, also call Him ‘Father’. It also aligns us to being his sons and daughters who do His will and live as His people in the world.

‘A gracious invitation’ (Matthew 6:5-8)

Philip Burns begins this series of sermons on prayer by highlighting the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:5-8. Prayer is to be approached with a sincere heart. It is not for outward show. We do not pray to impress others or God as if we are performing for Him. Jesus spoke of praying behind a ‘closed door’. Prayer is also to be approached with a confident assurance. We do not need big words in order to have an audience with God. Real prayer comes out of a relationship with the God who loves and welcomes His children into His presence.

From South Asia with the love of Christ…

Come and hear one of the leaders of the persecuted church of Myanmar, Rev Dr Thang Bwee,  7:30pm,  Monday May 14th, 2012, St John’s Presbyterian Church Hall, Forest Street, Bendigo

Rev Dr Thang Bwee founded the Evangelical Reformed Church of Myanmar (Burma) in 1992. Now with about 35 congregations in Chin State, Rangon and the Irrawaddy delta, the ERC is a partner church of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and Thang Bwee is the Principal of the ERC’s Reformed Bible Institute (established in 2000). PCA missionary Martin Eagle (From NSW) serves in Yangon under Thang Bwee’s supervision.  He is father of 3, Elisandy, Bowie Benjamin, and Vesta, and is married to Nelly.

This is Thang Bwee’s second visit to Australia (having previously visited Bendigo in 2006) to visit Presbyterian churches in many states. This visit is again under the auspices of Mission Partners and has been funded by personal gifts of supporters, however there will be an offering for Mission Partners to help defray the costs of Thang Bwee’s visit and also support the Bible Institute of the ERC.

Please bring some supper to share. All are welcome.