As one of the many churches in Bendigo, we are a community of Christians of all ages, reformed and evangelical in our theology and practise, who confess faith in Jesus Christ and rejoice in the salvation He freely gives His people by grace. This grace compels us to worship and love God and to serve and value people, making His salvation known to all.

Are you searching for more about this salvation, what it means to be a Christian or what is so good about the good news? We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you have. Live in South East Bendigo? Check out our church plant, Reforming.

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Our annual Naval Service October 23rd

imagesIt’s coming up quickly… Our annual Naval Service is at 10:30am on Sunday October 23. We are looking forward to welcoming the members of Bendigo’s ex-Navalmen’s Club, the Cadets of TS Bendigo, and our our own guest preacher, Rev Miles Fagan from Mt Evelyn Presbyterian Church. Miles also serves as a Naval Chaplain (Reserve) at HMAS Cerebus. Join us for a yummy morning tea that follows..!

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‘Missing and found! How God’s supply met His people’s need’ (Ezra 8:15-20)

When Ezra left Babylon at the request of King Artaxerxes, to return to Jerusalem from Babylon with those that accompanied him as a ‘second wave’ of returning exiles, the text of Ezra 8:15-20 tells us that he noted that there were no Levites among the people returning with him. The Levites worked in the Temple as servants to the priests, often completing many of the menial and lowly tasks enabling the priests to do their work. Knowing that this would be vital for the proper functioning of God’s people, Ezra sent word to Iddo with his need. Iddo responded by sending 38 Levites and an additional 220 temple servants, while Ezra acknowledged God’s ‘good hand’ upon him. The call for gospel workers remains. The work is hard and often without reward. Jesus told us to pray to God (the Lord of the harvest) to thrust workers out into His harvest field, but are there those who will answer the call?