R C Sproul, with Jesus

Like many around the world, we too expresses our thanks to God for the life, ministry and witness of pastor and theologian R C Sproul. The whole community of Reformed churches will sadly miss his wisdom, insight, perceptions, godliness and experience which are all Heaven’s gain.   Face to face with Christ now. ‘Well done faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master’.   (You can read a fuller tribute to R C here)

Revitalizing the Presbyterian Church in Adelaide

One of the great things about belonging to a Presbyterian Church is that all our churches are inter-dependent (not independent) towards each other. As a result of this the Presbyterian General Assembly of Australia’s (GAA) church planting taskforce has set its sights upon Adelaide and is asking congregations around the country for support. Why Adelaide? Adelaide is Australia’s fifth largest city, yet for many years the combined ministry of the Presbyterian churches has been smaller than many country town or rural ministries. The Presbyterian Church in Adelaide has never been really strong, and when Union came in 1977 it left the church in a sorry state. The situation has been slow going since then, so the GAA took a bold move and placed the Presbyterian Church of South Australia under the care of the much stronger and growing Presbyterian Church of Queensland, and in particular the Creek Road (Carina) congregation who have set their church planting team to work. The first steps of this have been to link the remaining 6 congregations in Adelaide (Elizabeth, Para Hills, North Adelaide, Norwood, Seacliff, and Mt. Barker) into the one Charge with a team of church planters and pastors being assembled to revitalize gospel ministry in that city. How to help?
• Give thanks for the ministry of John Langbridge, John Gilmour, Damien Carson and the rest of the team currently on the ground in Adelaide
• Pray for the formation of the staff team
• Pray for the people of Adelaide to have heart soft for the gospel
• Pray for each of the 6 congregations in the new Adelaide Charge
If you would like to give to the work in Adelaide, the bank account details to give to are: Account Name: Presbyterian Church of Qld BSB: 034 010 Account Number: 13 1237 Reference: Adelaide Donor
Do you have relatives of friends in Adelaide who might consider joining the PCSA? Let them know about the proposed developments!

It’s the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! Join us for a celebration..!

it’s not every day that you can celebrate something that has a 500th anniversary!  Certainly not in our young country Australia, anyway…But this year, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of one of the greatest movements in human history. You can read about it here, but even better than that join us here on October 29th at 4:30pm when we along with other churches in Bendigo gather to praise God for what we have come to know by His grace!

Yes, our stance on ‘same sex marriage’ is No

Later this week when the postal plebiscite papers reach our letter (and post office) boxes, we are all going to have the option of contributing our opinion on the proposed change to the Marriage Act 2004.

While some Christian leaders (even in Bendigo) have come out in support of the ‘Yes’ vote, we must respectfully disagree and put it out there that we cannot agree with the proposed change.

And why is that? You can find out our reasons here in a document prepared by the Presbyterian Church of Victoria’s ‘Church and Nation Committee’.  It’s not too long and it expresses right where we stand!