‘The resurrection of Jesus: facts met with faith’ (John 20:1-18)

John’s account of the resurrection traces the conclusions that Mary Magdalene reached over the moved stone and the missing body of Jesus. Even though Peter and John also visited the tomb and saw all that Mary had described, it wasn’t until Jesus spoke to her that Mary knew he was alive. The evidence for the resurrection abounds. It is not a lack of evidence that cause people to disbelieve the gospel accounts, but a lack of faith in the testimony of God’s Word, even though God promises salvation to those who do believe! (Romans 10:9-10)



00:00 Welcome
Song: Jesus Christ Is Risen
00:20 Introduction
00:37 Prayer
Song: Low in the Grave
04:41 Bible reading: John 19:16-42
Song: In Christ Alone
07:58 Bible reading: John 20:1-18
Song: Never Alone
Sermon: John 20:1-18
Song: Thine Be the Glory
10:44 Closing


‘The resurrection of Jesus: facts met with faith’

• Believe it or not!
• The same issue
• John describes the scene at the empty tomb
• He tells us of….

  1. Conclusions over a moved stone (v.1-2)
  2. Confusion over a missing body (v.3-10)
  3. Confirmation for a mourning believer (v.11-18)

John’s eyewitness testimony
Three responses to Paul’s message
Romans 10:9-10

‘The King’s mixture of good and bad’ (1 Kings 3:1-15)

There is often something contradictory in all of us – and this certainly was the case with King Solomon. The text of 1 Kings 3:1-15 records both good and bad aspects of Solomon in his early days as king. The bad was seen in the seeds that he sowed that would later produce some ungodly fruit. The good was seen in that ‘he loved the Lord’ and that God bestowed upon him super-abundant grace, even an open cheque to ‘ask for whatever he wanted’. It’s good to remember that Jesus also had the ear of His Father. He could have asked to be rescued from the hands of evil men. But He chose to stay the course. There was no mixture of good and bad in Him.



00:00 Welcome
Song: O for a Thousand Tongues
00:19 Introduction
00:35 Prayer
Song: Jesus Paid It All
06:53 Bible reading: 1 Kings 3:1-15
Song: Behold our God
09:46 Bible reading: Matthew 5:17-30
Song: Meekness and Majesty
Sermon: 1 Kings 3:1-15
Song: May the Mind
12:08 Closing


• The contradictory person of Solomon
• Encouraging for us!
• Seeds have a habit of growing…
• Note from the text…
1.Bad seeds that grew into bad fruit (v.1-3)

  1. Good seeds that grew into good fruit (v.4-15)

The church – a ‘mixed bag’
That question – put to Jesus!

Salvation… It just can’t be earned!

History tells us that people from all over the world have done all sorts of strange things in order to achieve salvation. A German monk, named Martin Luther was one of those. But any effort to ‘save ourselves’ will be wasted.

Funnily enough, this is what the Pharisees said to Jesus while he was on the cross. ‘Come down now from the cross, save yourself and we will believe you’, they said. But Jesus didn’t come down. And he didn’t do that because He was busy saving us!

See, the bad news the Bible presents about us is that ‘all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’ (Romans 3:23), but the good news the Bible also presents is that Jesus said he came “not to call the righteous but sinners.” (Mark 2:17) and all through his life he welcomed the less than perfect, even extending forgiveness to them.

If we do not know these things for ourselves, it will not be because He is not willing, but because we have not come to Him to receive them!

This Easter, take note that Jesus came to bring a salvation that can’t be earned… but can be received as a free gift. Have you done that?

‘The King and your choices’ (1 Kings 2:12-46)

Choices, choices, life has so many choices and decisions! We all have to make them and we all have to suffer (or be blessed by) the consequences of our decisions. As Solomon’s reign as King began to be established in 1 Kings 2:12-46, Solomon had to deal with men who had made choices about the way they would respond to him as King, and these men all had to face the consequences of their decisions. In many ways, the same applies to Jesus. When His Kingdom comes, all our choices (good or bad) will surely come into light.



00:00 Welcome
Song: Jesus Shall Reign
00:19 Introduction
00:35 Prayer
Song: It Is Well With My Soul
03:46 Bible reading: 1 Kings 2:12-46
Song: Grace Unmeasured
10:39 Bible reading: 1 Corinthians 15:12-28
Song: All My Days
Sermon: 1 Kings 2:12-46
Song: At the Name of Jesus
12:56 Closing


• Is your brain tired?
• Decisions, decisions!
• Decisions are followed by consequences…
• Note from the text…

  1. Adonijah’s choices and consequences (v.13-19)
  2. Joab’s choices and consequences (v.20-35)
  3. Shimei’s choices and consequences (v.36-46)

Beware of idols
The true King who puts all his enemies under His feet!

‘The King is dead; Long live the King!’ (1 Kings 2:1-11)

The text of 1 Kings 2:1-11 is significant for so many reasons – especially because it recounts for us the death of King David. While David had been such an important figure in the life of God’s people, his death does not receive much attention, except his final words to his son and incoming King, Solomon. And then, he dies… but what of the legacy David left? Isn’t it Jesus Himself? The One who was greater than David? Truly David was great, but Jesus far greater!



00:00 Welcome
Song: When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
00:19 Introduction
00:35 Prayer
Song: Beneath the Cross
04:38 Bible reading: 1 Kings 2:1-11
Song: Worthy of All Praise
06:33 Bible reading: Matthew 25:45-54
Song: Jesus Thank You
Sermon: 1 Kings 2:1-11
Song: I Will Sing of My Redeemer
07:55 Closing


• The last words of the dying…
• What we’ve covered so far
• David’s last words!
• Note from the text…

  1. From father to son (v.1-4)
  2. From the outgoing King to the incoming King (v.5-9)
  3. From the throne to the grave (v.10-11)

David’s place in God’s plan
David’s greatest legacy – Jesus!

Youth Group is on again!

It may be a little late to start advertising this… but, as they say, ‘better late than never!’

We are so pleased that our Youth Group is ‘up and running’ again.

You can see the program for term one here below…and the necessary details (where? when? who? what?) are all there for you!

Next term’s program (when available) will be found here…. https://bendigopc.org.au/youth-group/

‘Confessing Jesus’ (Matthew 16:13-23)

In this message, preached in July 2022, Rev R’jae Rojas explores the crucial moment in the life and ministry of Jesus, when He asked His disciples the telling question, ‘Who do you say that I am?’


Radio service

00:00 Welcome
Song: O Worship the King
00:17 Introduction
00:38 Prayer
03:34 Bible reading: Matthew 9:1-8
Song: Behold the Lamb
05:31 Bible reading: Matthew 16:13-23
Song: Before the Throne
07:25 Bible reading: Matthew 27:62-28:15
Song: Come My Soul
Sermon: Matthew 16:13-23
Song: My Faith Looks Up
09:29 Closing



  1. Confused by Jesus (v.13-14)
  2. Confessing jesus (v.15-17)
  3. Commitment to Jesus (v.18-20)


Significant threat to Christian Schools

The Federal government will almost certainly seek to amend Anti-Discrimination Legislation so that religious schools lose current exemptions which allow them to have enrolment and employment policies that promote their mission and enable them to develop an educational community that reflects their religious convictions. In particular, the current exemptions which allow religious schools to discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or relationship status or pregnancy would be removed.

The first step toward these changes is a review by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC). The ALRC has now released a consultation paper: Review into Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws.

The ARLC is due to present a final report for the government in April which will provide a basis for drafting amendments to the legislation. It is important for the Christian and religious community to have a clear voice at each step along this process. This opening round will be crucial. The suggested changes will make it harder for religious schools to maintain their distinctive ethos.

Please pray with us that our God will protect Christian Schools in this country!

For further reading, check out the following link;