Arrangements from October 31

Apart from our regular podcast at 9am on 105.1 Life FM as from Sunday October 31 there will be two regular Sunday services at 10.30am and at 4pm.  This will enable us to have the greatest number of people possible meeting together (and allow room for visitors), which will be an extra joy and blessing.

The 10:30am service will be open to people 16 years and over who have double vaccination status or those who hold a valid medical exemption and children under 16 regardless of vaccination status. This will allow us to increase our attendance cap to 60 (plus those required to run the service) according to DQ4 restrictions. Proof of vaccination status or exemption will be required to be sighted. This will apply to all – including friends, family and visitors who would like to attend the 10.30am service.  Visitors are encouraged to book ahead. The prayer meeting will be held from 10am and a cuppa with pre-packaged individual serves will follow, concluding around 12.30pm.

The 4pm service will be open to all adults and children – those of undeclared vaccination status (those who have not been vaccinated, those who have had a single vaccine and those who are double vaccinated or hold a medical exemption.) You will not be asked to disclose your vaccination status to attend this serviceThe cap at this service will be 30 (plus those required to run the service). There will be a prayer meeting from 3:30pm and a cuppa with individual pre-packaged snacks will follow.

Just some more reminders…

  • Masks (unless you have a medical exemption), QR code/record of attendance, social distancing and hand sanitising will still be required at both service
  • We would urge and encourage you all to bear with these changes with patience and with ongoing grace, love and care towards those who may not share your viewpoint about the virus or the vaccine or these restrictions or these changes. Although divided into two services, the opportunity is before us to treat each other in a way that will mean we remain united around the eternal truths of the gospel of Christ that bring us together under our Heavenly Father’s care. We still look forward to and anticipate the day when we will all be able to gather together in a larger number under the one roof at the same time. Please pray with us for that day “and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” (Hebrews 10:25)
  • If you are unwell or need to quarantine or isolate, please stay at home and join us via the podcast on the radio or listen via the website – and let us know so that we can be praying for you and help as needed. Thank you. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please talk to us.