Anzac Day 2021

While we won’t be dedicating the whole service to this important occasion, we won’t be forgetting those who we ought to remember at our service at 10:30am…especially the men from St John’s who did not return.

David John Anderson d.16.06.1915 aged 18
William James Blake d.18.09.1918 aged 23
William Ferguson Buchan d.1.07.1916 aged 23
John James Hindley d. 6.05.1919 aged 28
William Love d. 31.08.1918 aged 43
Angus Mackay d.19.08.1916 aged 19
Archibald McAlpine d. 2.10.1916 aged 31
Thomas Menzies d. 9.09.1915 aged 45
Walter Harold Reynell d.11.11.1917 aged 21
Richard Bertram Taylor d. 28.04.1918 aged 21