‘A great invitation’ (an Easter reflection)

One of the most obvious features about living in this world is the fast pace of living! Life is lived at such a rush and any kind of delay can easily lead to outbursts of anger of frustration. Something somewhere is terribly wrong! In the midst of all the rush, deep down we still know that our busyness does not completely drown out the fact that we are burdened by sin, feelings of guilt and much fear. We enjoy many things in this world, but inwardly we yearn for true rest and peace.

In the midst of all this, the words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28 are so inviting. He said, ‘Come unto Me, all who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Here He is, calling us to come to Him, to trust in Him and find rest in Him. He does not wish to add to our burden but wants to lessen it by coming to Him. And He can do that because He gave His life for us and received it back again from God the Father at that first Easter so long ago!

This invitation of Jesus deserves a response. You will not hear words like this from anyone else in this world! No one else can promise rest for your soul and deliver on that promise.

As Easter comes around once again, why don’t you stop and take some time to consider where your life is heading and think over what Jesus promised? And if you intend on doing that, then these words of John Mason from the seventeenth century may also help. He wrote; ‘Come as you are; come poor, come needy, come naked, come empty, come wretched, only come, only believe; His heart is free, His arms are open; ‘tis His joy and His crown to receive you. If you are willing, He never was otherwise.’