We were there at Scots Day Out!

It was hot…too hot…but we had a great time handing out free ‘scotch biscuits’ and leaflets about how the Presbyterian Church found it’s way to Bendigo…and how people can get in contact with us today plus some good news from God! We also had opportunity for people to complete a quiz on Scotland’s geography, culture and religious history! Phew! Exhausting! But all worth it! Thanks team for a great effort!

Look for us at Bendigo’s Scots Day Out on February 11th!

Yes, we’ll be at the ‘Scots Day Out’ again this year. This celebration will be held in Rosalind Park, Bendigo on February 11th. So look out for our tent and and come and say hello!

And if you are wondering how it is that we are a part of ‘Scots Day Out’,  well… our denomination has some very strong links back to Scotland … but that doesn’t mean you have to be Scottish to come to our church! (PS The tartan pictured above is Bendigo’s own)

January @ St John’s

We’ll be meeting at 10:30am each Sunday during January 2017. Our preaching series will follow Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians and we’ll be thinking about the return of Jesus (because that’s what the lettter is about!)

Our annual Naval Service October 23rd

imagesIt’s coming up quickly… Our annual Naval Service is at 10:30am on Sunday October 23. We are looking forward to welcoming the members of Bendigo’s ex-Navalmen’s Club, the Cadets of TS Bendigo, and our our own guest preacher, Rev Miles Fagan from Mt Evelyn Presbyterian Church. Miles also serves as a Naval Chaplain (Reserve) at HMAS Cerebus. Join us for a yummy morning tea that follows..!