‘When defeat is turned back into victory’ (Joshua 8:1-29)

Soon after Joshua’s defeat at Ai as a result of Achan’s sin, Joshua 8:1-29 tells of how God helped Joshua overcome the bitter taste of defeat and renew his fight against the people of Ai. He did this, first, by giving Joshua encouragement in the same terms in which his call to service had been given. Then, he gave to Joshua a strategy that would work. This strategy would require Joshua to be brave and all Israel to work together. He also gave Joshua success in the battle as Joshua learned to trust God’s plan and yield himself to it. Failure is no barrier to service in God’s Kingdom and Joshua proved that those who trust in the Lord and obey will know His blessing. In this way he points us to the greater Joshua, the Lord Jesus.

TEAM (Teaching English as Ministry) Training Day, Saturday Feb 27th

We are happy to host this Training Day on Saturday from 10am -3:30pm (9:30am registration and tea/coffee). See the program below, but contact us asap if you want to come along! Cost is $30 (includes morning tea, lunch and take-home resources)


Getting Started: Practical tips and ideas for starting or getting involved in an English ministry in your church or community.

Being inspired: Hear from those with experience in teaching English as ministry in Australia and overseas, Observe some mini lessons, Learn about relating well cross culturally.

 Keeping Going: Using the Bible in English learning, Stimulating activities to reduce teacher talk and maximize student conversations, Caring for beginners, Sharing practical ESL resources.


‘When victory is swallowed up by defeat’ (Joshua 7:1-26)

After the resounding victory of the people of Israel over the city of Jericho, Joshua 7:1-26 records how the people of Israel stumbled at the smaller hurdle of the city of Ai where they suffered a resounding defeat. The causes of this defeat were many. One was the trap of self-confidence that Joshua and his men fell for. The defeat of Jericho only inflated their pride not their humility. Another was the trap of prayerlessness. Joshua fell on his face before the Lord after the defeat, but maybe should have sought the Lord before the battle. The main reason for their loss was the trap of disobedience. Unbeknown to Joshua, one of his men, Achan, kept some of the spoil from the victory over Jericho for himself and God was not pleased. It was only when Achan’s sin was exposed and judged that Israel could go on. Thankfully God does not make our sins public (unlike Achan’s) and has also provided us with gracious means of salvation through the death of Jesus on the cross.

‘Just how did those walls fall down?’ (Joshua 6:1-27)

When the people of Israel entered the land of Canaan, their first major obstacle to overcome was the city of Jericho with its thick, high and wide walls. By human account, getting past those wall was an impossibility, but when Joshua fell on his face before the Commander of the Lord’s Army, he guaranteed victory for his people by abandoning his plans for attacking Jericho and being obedient to the Lord’s strategy. That strategy found in Joshua 6:1-27 involved a lot of marching, trumpet blowing and shouting, but the wall fell and we learn from it the kind of patient, disciplene and perserving faith that God’s people need in daily living.

Home Groups launch dinner

Home Groups are such an integral part of our church life at Bendigo (St John’s) Presbyterian. For a couple of years now we’ve met together for dinner at the start of the ‘Home Group year’ to decide upon groups and venues and leaders, as well as meet together for a meal and pray together in our Home Groups.

This year’s launch will be on Thursday night Feb 18th at the Church Hall in Forest Street from 6pm. (Bring a mains/sweet!)

‘Weighed down by suffering?’ (Luke 13:1-21)

Throughout the history of time, people have always been weighed down by some kind of suffering. In Jesus’ day this was no different. in Luke 13:1-21 we find that the sudden deaths of some people who were killed by a murderous Pontius Pilate or by a falling tower, caused some people to approach Jesus and share their concerns with Him. In response, Jesus told them that the problem of suffering is caused by sin in the world, that the solution to the problem of sin is something that only He can deal with and the great incentive that believers look forward to is found in the coming of His Kingdom.