‘Principles for living… from the extremities of life’ (1 Samuel 23:1-15)

1 Samuel 23:1-15 tells us how, David, after taking refuge from King Saul in a forest in Israel, was faced with the dilemma of helping out some of his fellow country men fight the Philistines or remain in his safe place away from the mad King. David sought guidance from God and helped rescue the people of Keilah and then, again guided by God, fled from Saul to another safe place. The world is still ruled by men who act as unpredictably as Saul, but those who place themselves in the centre of God’s will shall always be kept by the Lord.

‘David and his band of (unmerry) men’ (1 Samuel 22:1-23)

After taking flight from King Saul and being very much alone, in 1 Samuel 22:1-23, David soon found that some men came to him, some others greatly helped him and yet others died because of him. These ones who died were the priests of Nob who Saul had slaughtered for helping David whose actions had consequences far greater than he could imagine. Thankfully the Lord Jesus paid for all the sins of God’s people and even the consequences of those sins.

‘How does it feel to be on your own?’ (1 Samuel 21:1-15)

After taking flight from King Saul and beginning a life on the run, in 1 Samuel 21:1-15, David found himself very much alone, living life like a beggar, fleeing like a refugee and acting like a madman in the presence of the king of Gath. However, through all of these difficult times, David put his trust in God and proved that in the hardest of times, God does not abandon his own.