‘Comfort and hope for slow-to-believe disciples’ (John 16:25-33)

John 16:25-33 highlights the final aspects of the message that Jesus spoke to his disciples before his death. In preparing them for his departure, Jesus made his future plain to them while the disciples responded by making their faith plain to him. In response Jesus then made their future plain to them as he told them of the trouble they would have in the world as his followers. But in all the trouble they would face, Jesus promised them his peace and gave them every encouragement by telling them that he had overcome the world. Those who believe in him and remain faithful to the end will likewise overcome the world through him.

To Chad with MAF (and APWM) with love

pearce640On Sunday November 17th we’ll be welcoming David and Lisa Pearce and family to our morning service at 10:30am before they journey over to Chad with MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) and APWM (Australian Presbyterian World Mission – see link below.)

For David and Lisa this is a new part of Africa to explore, having served in Uganda and Kenya in previous years.

There will be a retiring offering for their support. All are welcome!

‘Transforming sorrow …into joy’ (John 16:16-24)

John 16:16-24 highlights the sorrow that the disciples would soon endure because of Jesus’ death. In this text Jesus promised that their sorrow was something he would turn into joy.  He could do this because their sorrow would be short-lived, it would be for a purpose and it will bring about a new avenue of approach to God through prayer. Ultimately their sorrow would become joy because Jesus would not remain dead for long but would live again and the disciples would see Him again.

Ladies’ Brunch

Pancake-stackLadies! Don’t forget the our first ‘Ladies’ Brunch’ is being held in the Upper Room (our church hall’s meeting room) on Saturday November 9th from 9:30am. Good food, coffee, fellowship and something from God’s Word – all provided! (for a  small fee of $5 🙂 All ladies very welcome!

‘Getting a grasp on the ministry of the Spirit’ (John 16:4-15)

John 16:4-15 highlights the importance of Jesus’ teaching about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. His task in the world is to convict people of unbelief, righteousness and judgement and He does this by using the Word of God and applying it to the hearts of those who hear or read it. The Spirit’s role among God’s people is to enable us to remember and grasp the teaching and the words of Jesus and to promote the wonder and majesty of Jesus as the Saviour of all who believe.