‘On prayer and praying’ (Matthew 7:7-29)

Rev Robert Carner, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria spoke from Matthew 7:7-29 highlighting the great responsibility and challenges we face if we are to become a people of prayer. Using examples from the prayer life of George Mueller, the words of Jesus, ‘Ask, seek, knock’ as well as tackling the question, ‘If God already knows then why pray?’, we were encouraged to commit ourselves to this high calling.

‘A user’s guide to effective prayer’ (Luke 11:1-13)

Philip Burns preached from Luke 11:1-13 concerning the subject of prayer. Establishing and maintaining a strong prayer life is one of the hardest things to do. In these verses, the disciples observed Jesus praying and asked Him to teach them to pray. Jesus went on to teach them about priorities in prayer – putting God and His kingdom ahead of our own needs, persistence in prayer – reminding us that God is more willing to hear us than the man in the parable who was woken by his neighbour at night, and the Person we pray to – who knows what we need and is more than able to determine the best response to the requests we make.

‘A lesson in love’ (John 21:1-19)

Philip Burns preached from John 21:1-19, highlighting the meeting between the resurrected Jesus and the Apostle Peter on the beach at Tiberius. Jesus asked Peter the question, ‘Do you love me?’ three times in an attempt to help Peter know that he was forgiven for his failure in denying Jesus three times and to prepare Peter for a lifetime of service and his eventual death for the sake of the gospel. The question ‘Do you love Me?’ is one Jesus asks today of those who claim to be His. Continue reading