‘There is a time to judge! There is no question!’ (Matthew 7:6)

After Jesus warned his disciples to be careful of passing judgment on one another (Matthew 7:1-5), Jesus went on in Matthew 7:6 to say some words that are a little bit harder to understand. What is it about pigs and dogs that we must take note of? And, what did he mean by warning us ‘to be careful with what we do with our ‘pearls’? HIs words are weighty and they require some thought and some application!

Richard Johnson, the gospel and Australia

On this Australia Day,  while much debate rages about many things in relation to our past, it’s good to be reminded how God’s Word was first planted on Australian soil…and one of the men He used  to do the planting – Richard Johnson.

Richard Johnson was a man of the gospel and you can read his story here and after you have, join with us in praying that God would raise up many more like him to serve within this land ‘girt by sea’.

‘To judge or not to judge; that is the question!’ (Matthew 7:1-5)

The words of the Lord Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 7:1-5 are heavy and soul-searching, but they also require a great deal of thought and consideration if they are to be put into practise. These words have been misunderstood over time and probably also badly applied, but this does not excuse us from tackling both their implications and their correct application – which again (like so much in the Sermon on the Mount) is a matter of the heart.

Engage with ENGAGE

Image result for engage conference belgrave heights 2018Back in 2011 a group of church leaders in Melbourne saw the need to organise a training event to equip young Christian leaders to teach the Bible better. So with help from our friends at NEXTgen the ENGAGE Conference was born.

The ENGAGE Conference is all about training leaders to teach the gospel to others, and to live whole-heartedly in the light of the gospel – whether you’re just starting out in Christian leadership, or have been involved for years.

Check it out here!