Former Ministers of St John’s Presbyterian Church

PCV_crest_in_colourThe following is a list of Ministers who have served at St John’s Presbyterian Church, Bendigo;

Rev. R. Lewers, 1873-1878

Rev. T. E. Ick, 1877-1884  (St. John’s Free Church)

Rev. W. C. McDonald, 1878-1883

Rev. Talbot, 1883-1885

Rev. V. M. Riordan, 1885-1886 (Chalmers’ Church)

Rev. J. H. Potter, 1886-1895

Rev. J. H. Mackay, 1896-1901

Rev. Jas. Beattie, 1902-1906

Rev. W. R. Cunningham, 1907-1908

Rev. J. Jackson, 1908-1909

Rev. J. Darroch, 1910-1917

Rev. W. Bennett, 1918-1925

Rev. D. A. MacKenzie, 1926-1935

Rev. C. H. Ball, 1935-1943

Rev. R. J. Williams, 1944-1946

Rev. J. E. Smith, 1947-1952

Rev. D. G. McKenzie, 1952-1955

Rev. J. W. Beecher, 1955-1960

Rev. H. V. Jenkin, 1962-1975?

Rev. J. G. Evans 1976-1977 (Mr Evans died on Easter Sunday 1977)


Rev. A. Pegler, 1978-1983**

Rev. J. E. Webster, 1985-1995***

Rev. A. M. Clarke, 1995-2005

Rev. P. J. Burns,  2007 –

* Note: At the time of union with the Methodist and Congregational Churches, the St John’s congregation went into the Uniting Church and those who wanted to remain Presbyterian in Bendigo met together at the Eaglehawk Presbyterian Church under the pastoral care of Rev. J. Aitken (1977-1980) and Rev. C. A. Harrison (1980-1983).

**After union, St John’s was still being used as part of the West Bendigo Charge of the Uniting Church under the pastoral care of Rev. Adrian Pegler (1978-1983).

*** The re-formed St John’s congregation began to meet again in 1982, alongside of the continuing Eaglehawk congregation, as one Charge with two preaching places.  This pre-dates the induction of Rev. John Webster in 1985.